About CE

Columbia Evangelical Church (CE Church) started in the fall of 1950. Originally, the church was called Gospel Fellowship Church. In 1961, the congregation changed the name to Columbia Evangelical Church and purchased and moved to its current location. When first formed, CE was situated near the University of South Carolina’s campus on Pendleton Street, in downtown Columbia. In 1966, CE built the sanctuary that is facing Barnwell Street. We are a small congregation that is warm and inviting.

Though CE is a small congregation, we have a heart for world evangelism. We currently support missionaries in several countries, including but not limited to Japan, Niger, Cambodia, Germany, and England, as well as missionaries stationed in the United States.

Our desire is to see God’s children grow in the truth as revealed in His Word, the Bible. We do this through the Sunday morning worship service, Sunday school, women’s bible studies, men’s bible studies, a co-ed bible study, prayer time, and one on one fellowship times. We also minister to our college students from the schools in the area.

CE is a non-denominational congregation that believes in the doctrines of grace; basically the reformed view of salvation. For more on what we believe, please see our doctrinal statement located on this site as well.